Chris Menter

Syracuse native Chris Menter began playing violin at age 8 in her public school’s orchestra program. By high school she was a proud “orch dork” and chose to spend many free periods (and perhaps some math classes) practicing alone on stage in the auditorium. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Ithaca College and a Master of Music degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Chris is principal second violin of the Fort Collins Symphony and Boulder Chamber Orchestra, and performs with Opera Colorado, Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and Pro Musica Colorado.

Chris has built a multi-faceted career as a musician in Denver. In addition to teaching private violin and viola students, she is personnel manager and librarian for Boulder Chamber Orchestra and Director of Live Music for dj Maestro. Although she has resided in the Denver-Boulder area since 2003, Chris still experiences “wait, I live in Colorado?!” moments thanks to the natural beauty of our state. She enjoys hiking and wishes she could spend more time exploring the mountains.

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